Patented technology for Volatile Controlled Release. Along with SPLAT, ANAMED is part of a product line based on ECRT emulsion technology. With such an innovative technology, fruit flies lures and the insecticide are added to the emulsion gel and achieve some very interesting qualities:

. Rain resistance;

. Ultra-violet degradation resistance;

. Over 15 days durability.




ANAMED 2021 must be added to the insecticide and applied with special equipment. The flies lured to the release spot eat the mixture and die due to its lethal effect. Contact your agronomist to check the best insecticide suggested


Use Indication

Add the ANAMED attractive to an insecticide formula used for fruit flies in the culture wanted.

Mix the toxic bait until the product looks homogeneous.

The toxic bait must be spread with special equipment. Avoid its contact with fruits. Monitor the plants with traps throughout the entire harvest, and in case the control level set for fruit flies in the culture is achieved, use extra control methods. In case you have questions, contact an agronomy engineer.


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